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It was mid contraction when I was told I needed an emergency caesarean. I cried as that wasn’t part of the plan. This was my first encounter with Dr Rabia Shaikh… From that moment on she guided me step by step through the delivery of my first baby – a little boy born in 2011. What struck me about this kind, caring doctor was that she came back the next day to the maternity ward to check on me. Rabia was so supportive and caring. Three years later I decided it was time to try again. This time I felt emotional just hearing the sentence, ‘you will need to go through IVF’.

I had heard so many stories both good and bad. I was blessed to have ten eggs retrieved and eight fertilized. One month after my first IVF cycle I was pregnant. At one of my ultrasounds during my pregnancy I was told I had Placenta Previa and at 35 weeks I had major bleeding and was rushed to Nepean Hospital. I was scared and concerned for the health of my unborn baby but when the doctor walked into the room, it was Rabia! I cried tears of joy then I begged her ‘please don’t leave me’ to which she replied ‘I’m not going anywhere until you have this baby’.

I was extremely excited I knew I was in safe hands with Rabia. Once again I was blessed with the safe delivery of my baby girl. It would be a story I would never forget. Three and a half years since the delivery of my son in a different hospital to my first birth in walks Rabia. More recently I have seen Rabia for gynaecology and had laparoscopy surgery for the removal of a dermoid cyst where she also discovered I have been suffering from endometriosis. Rabia’s level of support and care for her patients is like none other I have experienced before. I have complete trust in both her personal and medical experience. I have done and will continue to highly recommend Dr Rabia Shaikh to anyone and will continue to see her for gynecology.