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It’s very hard to keep the hope alive after multiple failures. I was in my late thirties and married for 5 years with persistent trying over the years and no luck. We decided to try IVF and began seeing doctors and specialists and had a lot of emotional conversations. I was hesitant at first as I have a phobia of needles and hospitals so this was a very big step for me.

All I ever wanted was to have a baby, and had done about 6 IVF cycles with every one of them having a different reason as to why I couldn’t fall pregnant. My emotions were up and down and I started to blame myself and I was ready to give up when I said to myself I will give it one more chance and GUESS WHAT (I fell pregnant).

Words could not describe how I felt when I got the phone call from Westmead Fertility Clinic with my results. I could not stop crying I just wanted to scream it out to the world. I want to say a very special thank you to Dr Rabia Shaikh if it wasn’t for her honesty, loyalty, support and patience I would not have my healthy 9 month old little boy with me today.

I will forever be grateful for making my family complete and being alongside me throughout my journey. I would like to thank Dr Rabia Shaikh and her entire team for their support and professionalism. I would encourage everyone who is going through similar challenges not to give up stay positive and have faith in God.