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Dr Rabia Shaikh is an experienced Obstetrician/Gynaecologist having worked many years in a wide range of hospitals throughout Sydney. She gives each of her obstetric patients’ individualised care and attention, making sure each step of the way is catered to the patient’s specific needs. She also limits her patient flow so as to preserve a higher quality standard of care, a detailed care plan outlining investigations and visits will be provided to every patient upon the initial consultation.

Her patients can expect total autonomy and freedom of choice in their antenatal and delivery options, guided by Dr Shaikh’s experience and consult. She makes all patients feel at ease, willing to spend the time necessary to answer any and all questions that may arise throughout the pregnancy. She confidently manages a wide range of medical issues with obstetric patients, including pre-term and multiple pregnancies, as well as thyroid, diabetes and blood pressure problems.

As a fertility specialist, Dr Shaikh understands that obstetric patients having undergone IVF require specialised care and provides a continuity of care for her fertility patients upon pregnancy. She delivers at Westmead Public and Private Hospitals and is contactable her via her rooms, email, and mobile in special cases.

Dr Rabia Shaikh strives to provide start to finish care for all her patients, but in special circumstances where she cannot be present, a specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist will be provided to cover her patients.

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